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Search Engine Optimization: Get On the First Page of Google!

Google is the most popular search engine, with most people visiting sites they find on the first page of a search. So, how do you get your website to be on that precious first page? Here’s a few ways, both paid and free:

1. Pay for a sponsor position with Google
2. Pay for Google ads
3. Use social media to cross promote
4. Use specific meta tags and keywords
5. Have multiple pages in your site with specific keyword titles
6. Have a web master set up your site and integrate all of the above!

For example, my own sites are top ranked at Google for the target market I serve. Below is the search for “ipod workouts custom programs” that yields my website the top 3 google ranks!

Another example is more specific keyword search “cardio interval workout ipod” which places both of my fitness sites on the first page of google! The site is the number one ranked site, while is ranked number ten.

The key to getting a first page ranking is research! It also takes time to reach the top spot “organically”, which means not using paid services with Google. However, Googles paid services are worth the value if you gain more traffic and less time. Both are marketing techniques to consider for your website!