Web Master Services

A Web Master designs, develops, manages and maintains websites! Getting your site seen is a critical part of website development! Internet marketing, search engine ranking, multimedia and social media integration are vital to a strong Web Presence for your business!

Our Expert Services as Web Master include:
* Website Design
* Website Maintenance
* Search Engine Optimization
* Internet Marketing
* Professional Copy Writing
* Internet Integration

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Website design can be done from scratch or a redesign or makeover to revive your current website! Websites must be user friendly, eye appealing and informative! All of these characteristics will keep customers coming back to your site and expand your business. Added elements of multimedia, such as video, to explain or demonstrate a product and you have a guaranteed user friendly site. Key internet integration services include market surveys, list building and optimizing the site for search engine ranking.

Finding the right look for a website, creating compelling artwork, market surveys, list building and optimizing the site for search engines are just a few of the design considerations when developing a web presence. Website Enhancements include adding Video, Audio, interactive menus, forms, widgets, downloads, social media links and content that will keep your customers coming back for more!

Web Design, Development, Management and Maintenance Services can include:
* Plan, create, customize and administer new &/or established websites and forums.
* Design website layouts with user-friendly interfaces, web graphics and aesthetic appeal.
* Search Engine optimization and marketing.
* Design types: e-commerce, product branding, monetized blog, CMS and membership sites.
* Synchronize and monitor various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo, discussion groups and forums.
* Implement specialty scripts, stylesheets, templates, databases, forms, multimedia, logos, banners, content management, dynamic elements, audio/video integration, password protected areas and forum setup & management.
* Create original Surveys and form placement for e-mail list building and split testing.
* Compose follow-up and newsletter campaigns for e-mail list, cross-promotions and marketing.
* Audio & Video Podcast production, including content creation, editing and syndication.
* Compose and append regularly scheduled content release to websites.
* Assemble and publish onsite preview clips of podcast, audio products, video products and e-books.
* Automate sales of downloadable products.
* Graphic design and editing of marketing materials.
* Business communication and technical writing & editing.
* Digital photo touch-up and manipulation, photo scanning, photo printing, photo archiving, set production, and art direction of photoshoots.

See our design catalog samples & pricing

How We Create Your Website!

  1. Suggest a Domain name.
    This is your website name.

  2. Register the Domain name for you.
    This secures the exclusive rights to your custom Domain name.

  3. Obtain a Hosting Service.
    This is where your Domain name "resides", ie- where your files are stored. We only use quality hosting services with minimum downtime!

  4. Website Design.
    You may choose a design of another website, or catalog or describe your business and we can create a custom site for you!

  5. Interactive Website Options.
    Engage your customers with interactive features, such as video, newsletter or email special offers. We can set produce video for your site and promotion, create an e-mail list building service with newsletter follow-ups for your customers!

  6. Update Regularly!
    Keep your content fresh! With our monthly maintenance plan, we can update the site regularly to maintain its appeal. Give your customers a reason to visit your site often!

  7. Increase Your Business.
    Customer Contact via email or web visits increases your referrals and sales!